Graduated in 2014,  ArtEZ Enschede Fine Art, Sculpture

Alienating, absurdist, surreal, humorous.

With the works ‘Cryptomnesie’ also named the hidden memory and ‘the Collective ownership’, I started searching where my work comes from. Exactly where it came from I do not know, that remains hidden in the rear back rooms of my memory. Occasionally it seems there is something to show that I can use for my work. To consciousness this information comes as smell, words, feelings and images. These have a symbiosis or parasitism mixed with each other to new images that the viewer a new perspective can give. Where the viewer had already made ​​a way of seeing, it is totally confused kicked by the strange combinations. Thus, re-images inserted between his memories and stored. I want to bring the audience to the hidden memories, which they themselves do not know the existence of.